Bronze Filigree Lapel Pin by Keri Sallee

Good morning, everyone!!!  I have a beautiful project to share with you today 🙂  I know, I know…you’re wondering what has happened to this week’s tutorial.  Well, we had an unexpectedly early addition to our family this week…I’m a grandma for the first time (so super excited!), and my new grand baby ranked higher on the list than the tutorial 😉  I know you’ll all understand!  Don’t worry though…I will be back on track with another tutorial next week 🙂

For now, I have a beautiful bronze filigree lapel pin created by design team member, Keri Sallee, to share with you 🙂  Here’s a look at her pin:

Keri started with a small round cardboard disc, and layered a crocheted doily, metal filigrees (#744-B and #887-B), miniature and medium gears, and a charm from the “Creative Clocks” collection.  She then added a brooch pin onto the back of the cardboard disc:

Here’s a quick look at how stunning this pin looks on a black blazer:

For more details on how Keri created this beautiful pin, please hop on over to her blog and have a read of her blog post.  She walks you through the different steps (including pictures of each layer) so that you can make your very own 🙂  I hope you enjoyed this project, and having a wonderful rest of the week…cheers!

ButterBeeScraps Supplies:
Other Supplies:
  • Small round piece of cardboard
  • Adhesive (E-6000 works the best)
  • Brooch Pin