Tutorial of the Week: Chunky Charms from Start to Finish

Good morning, everyone!  Well, I’ve finally made it to Phoenix for Creativation 2017, but the ButterBeeScraps show must go on…I told you that I would not be doing a tutorial for you this week; however, was feeling rather guilty about that.  Although I didn’t spend any time in my studio preparing something for you this week, I did want to share a pretty in-depth tutorial series I created a while back that I thought would be totally worth pointing out…one on making charms 🙂

Now, I know a lot of peeps out there get pretty intimidated at the thought of creating a charm for the spine of your mini album, journal, daily planner, or even your backpack.  Don’t be!  I created a series of videos that will take you right from what tools you need, to how to make the perfect loop, right up to assembling a chunky charm 🙂

I will warn you…the video quality isn’t as good as my videos nowadays, but the info is pretty great, and at the time I created the videos, I hadn’t seen anyone else do as comprehensive of a tutorial as this…and that is exactly why I created this series.  So…let’s get to it!

Video #1

This video is intended for those of you who have never picked up a pair of pliers…I walk you through all the tools and materials you’ll need to create your very own chunky charm.

Video #2

In this video, I show you all the ins-and-outs of how to create the perfect loop 🙂

Video #3

In Video #3, I’ll walk you through how to make beaded baubles…I’ll even show you how to string more than one together 🙂

Video #4

This is the last video in the series.  We will take all those little charms and baubles we created in Video #3 and put them all together to make one pretty chunky charm.


Well, that about does it for this week’s pseudo-tutorial.  For your convenience, I have grouped these videos together in a single play list on YouTube that you can find right HERE.  I hope you give charm making a try…you’ll be making the perfect loop in no time flat 🙂  Cheers!

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