Happy ??? Day!!!

I just wanted to wish my Canadian customers a Happy ??? Day if you are as lucky as I am to be enjoying all the festivities.  I know right now all my customers from around the rest of the globe are wondering…what is ??? Day?!?!?  Well, today is perhaps the most confusing holiday in Canada because only some provinces recognize it as a holiday and they all call it something different 😀  …and to make it even more interesting, not everyone in Ontario even calls it the same thing…go figure!  So…

  • Happy BC Day to all my BC customers
  • Happy Heritage Day to all my Alberta customers
  • Happy Regatta Day to all my Newfie customers
  • Happy Saskatchewan Day to all my SK customers (this is where I was born and raised btw 🙂 )
  • Happy Natal Day to my Nova Scotia and PEI customers
  • Happy New Brunswick Day to all me NB Customers
  • Happy Simcoe Day to all my Torontonian customers
  • Happy Colonial Day to all my customers in Ottawa
  • Happy Joseph Brant day to all those in Burlington, ON
  • …and Happy Benjamin Vaughan Day to those in Vaughn, ON