Julie Dawson Leonardo da Vinci Mini Album feature

Leonardo da Vinci Mini Album by Julie (The Paper Bag Lady)

Today we have a very original and ultra-cool mini album to share.  Julie (thepaperbaglady1 on YouTube) created this beauty, and I have to say, I always love that Julie often comes up with truly one of a kind albums by creating her own papers…and this mini is no different.

Julie created this mini album for her daughter’s science teacher.  They spent the better part of the year studying the human body, so what better paper to create than one with Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches?  Julie paired da Vinci’s sketches with metal and coffee dyed flowers that gives a perfectly vintage look and feel to her album.

leonardo da vinci mini album for butterbeescraps

On the cover, Julie collaged flowers with ButterBeeScraps metal to frame da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian man sketch.  We will admit that it’s a lot unorthodox to put a naked man on the cover of a mini album, but it actually works in this case!  She added a Tim Holtz word band as a title and added a couple of grungeboard hinges with criss-crossed chain on the binding.

If you think the cover of this album can’t be beat, think again…the following skull page could be THE coolest mini album spread I have ever seen!  Julie always does a great job of creating cohesive mini albums and this one is no different.  She continued to frame the historic sketches on this page with her coffee dyed flowers and ButterBeeScraps metal.

leonardo da vinci mini album for butterbeescraps

This next spread includes da Vinci’s sketches of human fetuses paired with more metal and coffee dyed flowers.  I must say that I love the way Julie used the chain and flowers to create borders along the edges of many of the pages.

leonardo da vinci mini album for butterbeescraps

If you love this project as much as I do and just have to see the rest of this mini, Julie has uploaded a video that you can watch.

The following is a list of the ButterBeeScraps metal that Julie used in this album:

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  1. julie says

    I love Leonardo da Vinci’s studies of the human body and his art work. I love the papers and embellishments that have been used through out this album. It is stunning. Thanks for sharing
    Happy crafting