Tutorial of the Month: Nature’s Sketchbook Photo Folio

Good morning, everyone! It seems that a lot of people are looking forward to this month’s tutorial 🙂 If you follow my blog, you will know what we will be making together…my G45 Nature’s Sketchbook photo folio 🙂  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find a whole bunch of pictures and a video flip through in last week’s blog post right HERE.  For those who read the blog post, here’s just a quick reminder of what we will be creating today:

This folio is great to pack along if you’re going on a larger trip because it holds a whopping 124 pictures and a small journalling book for taking notes.  There’s also two different folders for adding extra memorabilia, such as show tickets, brochures and postcards.  The picture mats are also sized to hold standard sized photos so no trimming is required 🙂

I’m not sure this little book would be a good gift for someone not familiar with paper crafting…unless you gift it with instructions, too…lol!  …but you never know.  You can be the judge of that one.

Without further adieu…get ready to roll up your sleeves ‘cuz this project is a doozy.  Here’s a video showing you exactly how I made my folio:

I know how much you guys all appreciated the “cheat sheet” for my G45 Cityscapes Travel Wallet Folio, so I went ahead and created one for this larger folio, as well.  It includes a list of the materials and tools you will need, dimensions for all the bits you will need, and a few sketches of how to score your papers.

G45 Nature’s Sketchbook Photo Folio Cheat Sheet

Cheers and have fun creating your folio!  I would love it if you posted pictures of your completed project over in the ButterBeeScraps Facebook group.  As an added bonus, you get a chance to win 1000 Beebits just for sharing your project 🙂





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  1. Jen says

    Very cool book/folio. I definitely hope to use the window envelope idea in one of my next creations. Love it! And the shower curtain vinyl idea is genius. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Terry Hamilton says

    thanx so much for providing the “cheat sheet” for the Nature’s Sketchbook Folio. it’s making the project so much easier to follow. can’t say enough about my appreciation for the time & effort you’ve put into this project & in sharing it w/us.

  3. oheck says

    Thanks Monique for the hardcopy guide. Much appreciated. Love this folio and can see where lots of metal pieces can be used.