Store Migration Update :)

So, we’re just shy of two months since I decided to move my Zibbet store onto this website.  I know many of you have been chomping at the bit for me to hurry up and finish…well, guess what?  I am sooooooooo close 🙂  I now have ALL of my product descriptions migrated over and almost all of the graphics completed…woot!  woot!

So…now what?  Well, I suggest that if there are any items you need from the shop, you hurry on over and snatch them up now because starting Jun21st, the Zibbet shop will be no longer!  That’s right…I did really say June 21st 🙂  Now here’s the bad news…the new store on this website will not be fully up and running until July 6th 🙁

ButterBeeScraps will be closed for 2 whole weeks…June 21st – July 6th

During the first week, I will be making all of the final changes to this website, which you will be able to watch live 🙂  The second week is for me…I’m taking a working holiday with my better half 🙂

For all of the gory details about all the exciting improvements that will be made, I suggest you watch my YouTube video…I am so excited that I’m in the home stretch I can barely contain myself….SQUEEEEEEEEE (and I am so totally NOT a squee-er…lol).  TFL and hope you are as excited as I am!