We Are Connected!!!

get connected friendshipIt’s been a long time coming, but we are finally getting connected!  Most of you know how to find us on YouTube…who is this us I keep referring to anyway – me and all those voices in my head?  …but I digress…

Where was I?  Oh, yes…you all know where to find us on YouTube, and many of you know where we live on Facebook, but did you know that we actually have a Pinterest profile?  …didn’t think so.  And, as of yesterday, we officially have Twitter and Instagram accounts, too 🙂

Well, it is no small news that we are moving our store to this newly revamped website, but we thought it would be prudent to let you all know that we want to connect with each and every one of you…our customers that keep this business afloat and support us every single day.

So, whatever takes your fancy…this website, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram…we’d love to connect!  (Just click on the social media icons in the header of any page on this website.)  And, if you’re hungry for a little behind the scenes action, Twitter and Instagram is where you want to stock us 🙂  We can’t wait to meet you all there!  Cheers!